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Easy ExchangeRate

Easy ExchangeRate

Easy ExchangeRate is a simple but useful widget to check out the latest foreign exchange rate. It depends on the European Central Bank API. Through it is simple,…

Aggregation & Composition in Java

Aggregation: Aggregation between two objects can be alias , share the same object address. They are highly independent. The relationship is like Dept and student. Through students graduate,…

How to revise WP username & password @localhost

at local WP database – SQL – use the following sequence: UPDATE wp_users SET user_pass = MD5(‘new password‘) WHERE wp_users.user_login =‘your local wp admin‘ LIMIT 1; from web…

Concept Design for Bon

Date of completion: 2018.1 – 2018.2 Medium: Photoshop, Illustrator

Concept Landing Page Design – ICATS&DOGS

Date of completion: 2017.7 – 2017.8 Medium: Photoshop, Illustrator This is a concept webpage design for Shanghai local pets-adoption NGO called “ICATS & DOGS”. The main design objective…


Date of completion: 2017.5 Medium: CodeSkulptor Rule: Memory is a card game in which the player deals out a set of cards face down. In Memory, a turn consists of…


Date of completion: 2016.12 Medium: CodeSkulptor Rule: Pong was originally from the video game in 1972. On a rectangular table, two players control the paddle using keys. Once…

A Living Room Interior Design

Date of completion: 2017.3 Medium: Marker Pen

Interactive Python Game

Two Interactive Python games.