Two Interactive Python games.

These two projects are running based on the web-platform —— CodeSkulptor. Here is the opening process.

(1). Click the link below in a new tab. You can also check my code here on the web as well.

(2). Click the run button to run the game. Then it will pop-up a running interface.

Web-Based Project

Now, it’s the moment to play games!

The first one is named Pong.

Date of completion: 2016.12

Medium: CodeSkulptor

Rule: Pong was originally from the video game in 1972. On a rectangular table, two players control the paddle using keys. Once the game starts, the ball moves from the centre.  If the ball touches gutter without hitting the paddle, opposing player scores a point.

Pong Game

The link of Pong is here.


The second one is Memory.

Date of completion: 2017.5

Medium: CodeSkulptor

Rule: Memory is a card game in which the player deals out a set of cards face down. In Memory, a turn consists of the player flipping over two cards. If they match, the player leaves them to face up. If they don’t match, the player flips the cards back face down. The player who figures out all paired cards with fewer turn wins the game.


The link of Memory is here.